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A company’s website is its window to the world. In order to use this powerful marketing instrument in a targeted way, you should make the content and functions easily accessible to all visitors in your target markets – both technically and linguistically. Independent market research companies, such as Common Sense Advisory, confirm that multilingual websites generate a much higher number of visitors and thus eventually also increase your sales in the long run.

Our specialist experts are very familiar with the requirements of a professional website translation and will transfer your entire online presence into more than 50 languages – target-group-specific and fast.

Multilingual content for international attention

As with software localization, the translation of your website is considerably more complex than a conventional text translation and requires a professional localization, as well as special quality management.

From the translation of the user interface to the localization of all graphics to the adaptation of the web applications and extensive function tests, we will support you with our comprehensive experience.

Additional services for website translation and localization

To ensure a one-stop service which will progressively increase the effect of your website and your company, thanks to our expertise, we can offer you additional interesting services in the following fields:

  • Localization: The linguistic transfer of your content taking into consideration all technological and cultural aspects and circumstances, as well as all specifics of the language – to ensure optimal functionality of your website in the target country. Learn more about the topic of localization.
  • Specialized translations: We have a professional and globally expansive network of reliable specialist translators from various fields of competencies. They are specialists in their fields – and thus guarantee top-quality and industry-specific results with respect to every website translation.Read more about our specialized translations.
  • SEO translations: On request, we provide you with a search engine optimized translation of all your web content in order to generate an additional advantage for your online presence.
    Read more about the topic of SEO translations.
  • Terminology management: Convince with your online presence and strong communication by using uniform terminology across all communication channels. Our terminology experts thus additionally ensure your corporate identity on the web.
    Read more about the topic of terminology management.
  • Desktop publishing services: DTP includes the extensive work on documents or websites consisting of texts, pictures and an individual layout – for convincing and comprehensive results. Read more about our desktop publishing services.
  • Multimedia services: This refers to translations and the processing of different audio-visual content. Read more about multimedia translations.
  • Software localizations: In addition to the translation and adaptation of the software, software localization takes many other linguistic and technical measures into consideration. Learn more about the topic of software localization.

In order to make your website multilingually available, it is often insufficient to just conventionally translate the content. In order to enjoy extensive success, it is crucial to recognize the local SEO circumstances, to ensure the website’s functionality across borders and to guarantee the consistency of your terminology. We will reliably and professionally support you in order to make your website content available nationwide, as well as for international search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL etc.

Our localization tools

Various tools support our specialist experts in implementing your website translation. They guarantee a flawless functionality of your multilingual website. The localization tools verify text lengths, placeholder text, overlapping, control characters, as well as hidden text. We use the following software to ensure the successful implementation of your localization:

  • Windows Visual Basic C++
  • SDL Passolo
  • Sisulizer
  • Poedit
  • HelpQA
  • Adobe RoboHelp etc.

All auxiliary tools provide support for our qualified specialist translators and thus ensure the quality and functionality of your website. Machine translations are taboo at Tilti Multilingual – all translation services are done individually by our language experts and native speakers.

Do not hesitate and give your website the international attention it deserves. Please use our request form for an initial contact. Since every website has different requirements, we will gladly advise you individually and free of charge.


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Customers about us

Tilti System team members have a very strong customer focus. I have worked with them on different projects, in various languages (Italian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Spanish etc.) and each time they demonstrated great flexibility in delivering high-quality translations quickly and punctually.

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Leadership Development Manager ArcelorMittal Europe

We about ourselves

I am proud of our team – professional and devoted, always ready to go the extra mile to provide excellent performance. Striving for progress is our key to success – we advance by introducing new technologies and searching for tailored solutions!

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