Would you like to adapt your website or software to a certain location and thus also be internationally successful? We speak your customers’ language and localize your documents, websites, multimedia content, as well as apps and complex software programmes.

We consider the mere transfer of content into another language without changing the sense and style of the text as a translation. With localization, however, we go beyond that and not only take into consideration linguistic aspects but also technological and cultural aspects. With the aid of modern localization tools, we ensure that your localized product, e.g. a multilingual website or software, functions as flawlessly on the target market as in your home country.

Our services for your localization and translation

Localization (often written as <i>l10n</i>) is more than just a translation and requires both perfect technical and linguistic know-how and the highest diligence. Our services are adapted to your individual requirements and specifically include:

Since the requirements regarding individual localization services are high and the framework of the specialized translation is often limited, only selected and qualified translators of the target country work on the specified projects.

The 6 phases of localization

You can rely on our localization specialists. Every project is individually planned, implemented and taken care of by our team. In doing so, we always stick to our 6-phase plan.

  1. Analysis: Analysis of the product to be localized with respect to linguistic, technical and cultural aspects.
  2. Preparation: Selection of a suitable localization software.
  3. Implementation: Extraction and translation of the texts into the desired target languages, taking into consideration the assigned user interface.
  4. Adaptation: Adaptation of all symbols, graphics and other media including text elements.
  5. Merging: Merging of the localized material and final review of functionality taking into consideration both linguistic and cultural circumstances.
  6. Delivery: Delivery of the finished, localized product and securing of the terminology.

Our project managers are experts in their field and have the necessary knowledge of the industry, as well as many years of professional experience. They will gladly support and advise you through all phases of the process.

Highly efficient localization tools

Our tools are auxiliary instruments assisting us in our translation and localization services. They are mainly used for the translation of software, multilingual websites or shop systems in order to guarantee flawless functionality. The localization tools help with respect to verifying text lengths, placeholder text, overlapping, control characters, as well as hidden text. We use the following software to ensure the successful implementation of your projects:

  • SDL Passolo
  • Poedit
  • Sisulizer
  • Windows Visual Basic C++
  • Adobe RoboHelp
  • HelpQA etc.

International success with Tilti Multilingual

Are you in need of top-quality translation and localization services with professional results which convince you? Then, please contact us or use our request form for an initial contact.

Frequently Asked Questions about localization services

What is the difference between localization and translation?

Translation is a more or less literal representation of the source text in the target language. The words of the original text are the primary focus of translation. Localization, on the other hands, conveys the meaning behind the words of the original text. Its primary focus is the meaning, the context and the intent. Thus, localization can ignore, change and substitute original words in order to better represent the intended meaning in the target language, whereas in translation making such changes is generally avoided.

What is taken into consideration when a text is being localized?

Various cultural and linguistic differences are the two most important things considered for localiation. The use of certain words, phrases or concepts may be inappropriate in the culture of the target language. At the same time, some words translated literally may be perfectly fine culture-wise, but unacceptably long (e.g. when localizing website buttons).

What should I localize, rather than translate?

Localization, rather than translation, should be chosen for anything that mentions specific culture- or location-specific things, like place names, people’s names, traditions, etc. Another category would be things that are layout-demanding, such as websites, software, booklets, etc.

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